For My Family and Friends

Fr. Anthony Pillari

Dear Friends,

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Contact Person: Personal Assistant at

Praying for you in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: I carry many intentions in my heart during each Mass, and am always happy to pray for your intentions. Feel free to email prayer intentions to my mother and she will forward those to me. The specific intention of the Mass has some specific rules, but if for some reason the Mass schedule is already full at a time when you would like prayers, please don’t be too concerned. The graces that flow from each and every Mass are infinite, and are not limited to only the specific intention of that Mass.

How many Masses can I request? Due to requests from many different people you may be limited in the number of Masses that you can request. It will likely depend on how many Masses are already scheduled for a given month.

Do I have to give money in order to have a Mass offered for an intention?  No! Though I am grateful for donations to support me in my studies and priestly ministry (for more information on how to donate, please send an email to the above address), I am happy to offer Mass for your intention regardless of whether or not you make a donation.

But isn’t there a specific “Mass stipend” that you are supposed to offer? The common practice is to offer £10 per Mass. This is intended to help a priest cover his living expenses. However, in my case I am waiving all stipends. To be clear: the Mass is offered because of your request for a Mass, not because of any funds given. It is true that I am in need of donations, but I would prefer to offer the Mass regardless of whether or not a donation is made. If you wish to donate funds to support my priestly ministry and studies I am grateful for that, but am happy to pray for you regardless.

I look forward to bringing your intention to the foot of the Cross as I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Fr. Anthony Pillari