For My Family and Friends

Fr. Anthony Pillari


Dec. 29th 2015

Dear Friends,

My heart has been so full of thanksgiving these past few days--and so full of a very special joy. In the midst of the sacrifies of this transition your many cards, kind words, thoughtful gifts, drawings done by the children, and above all your smiles and tears have reminded me of so much that I have to be thankful for! 

I really feel like one of luckiest--or more properly "most blest"--men in the world. Who am I to have received so much love, so many wonderful friendships, so many children who in a sense I can call "my own", and to have seen so many graces from God at work in your hearts?

God is so good! It has given me so much hope in the future to think of the wonderful works of God in your lives these past few years. If God has been so generous in these past few years, what must He have in store for these coming years?

Thank you so much fo your prayers. I can truly feel them as Jesus seems to be carrying me along with a great joy and peace, and I sense Our Lady's tender care in arranging so many details. 

This week with my family, and then these next few weeks, will be quite full but I hope to be updating from time to time a blog on this website. 

May our Lady watch over you and grant you all that you need.

Fr. Anthony Pillari (aka Fr. Moses :) )